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Join us for our Lenten Mission

March 6, 7, & 8, 2022

6:30 p.m.

at St. Stephen Church

All are welcome to join us as Catholic inspirational speaker, musicians, composer, and recording artist Paul Koleske helps us bring “Light” to our lives this Lenten Season.

Paul’s ministry teaches the listeners how and why they are already wired to succeed in building themselves and the church while discovering God’s purpose for their lives. He shares practical techniques people can use to increase their connection with the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Risen Christ’s gift to His disciples. 


Sunday, March 6th: “Connecting with the Light of Christ”

Paul will tell us his story, his conversion from lukewarm-ness as a Catholic to a believer in miracles. He’ll discuss the True Presence! He discusses the necessity of Mass attendance for your life. Bringing your Fallen- away loved ones back to the church! Then he’ll teach you about the miracle of You! 


Monday, March 7th: “Experiencing the Light of Christ”

Paul will teach us as Catholics to trust in God. He’ll share practical ideas on what we can do to break the mental cycles of anxiety, fear, doubt,  worry, and guilt! He’ll discuss the importance of prayer in a busy world. 

Tuesday, March 8th: “Living the Light of Christ”

What you can do when things go terribly wrong! Identifying attitudes that limit our willingness and energy to fully- live our Christian faith within the Catholic Church! Truly Living the Light of Christ within you, no matter what happens to you or within the church. The Real Mission of the church! 


As with all Paul’s spoken word presentations, he selects songs from his own music that will illumine the topics discussed and help you have a deeper Mission Experience! His music, with its clear messages, will act as a lasting reminder that you can use long after the Mission to lift-up your spirits and vision of the Light of Christ within you. Paul has given this retreat from the East Coast to Hawaii in 104 dioceses in 46 states. He has appeared on EWTN with his music. This mission will empower you to live a more successful spiritual life. Paul will speak and sing at all masses the weekend before the Mission.


All are invited!