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Hola from Peru!
I hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer months with your family and friends. If you are like most people, summertime is “fun time” but also includes a list of things that have to be done to maintain and repair your home.
Casa Hogar also has to work to repair and maintain a home for the children.  Thankfully the weather and conditions in Lurin allow us to work year round, which is a good thing since the list seems to be never ending, and this year was no exception.

Since last Fall we were able to finish some major and minor projects.  On the top of the list of the major projects completed were the upgrade of the security at Casa, improvement of the WIFI technology, changing to natural gas, property line fence, and the reinforcement of the building structure throughout the campus. We are very grateful for the support of our benefactors that made these upgrades and repairs possible.
With those projects completed, we will be working on four major projects that are either in process or will begin in the next months, they are:

  • Replacing the damaged concrete around the volunteer house (convent) and chapel with brick. This will include an area for families to gather for picnics and social events.

  • Moving and repairing the main electric station with the transformer for the property.  This is extremely important as its current location is unsafe for Casa.

  • Repairing the perimeter wall of the grounds.

  • Electrical updates and repairs in the girl’s apartments, administration building, convent and priest residence.

During the Covid shutdown in Peru, we were unable to address certain projects, these four are on the top of that list. Now that things are getting back to normal, we are finally able to contract services and move ahead with these much needed repairs. It’s all part of taking care of our Casa, our home.

To better explain these projects, we will have a live event on September 1st, 2022 at 7:00 pm. During this event, we will walk around the campus to show the work that has been completed and the work that needs to be done to keep our grounds safe and viable for the children currently living at Casa, and God willing, for the children that will come to find a home in the future.
May God Bless You, 


Msgr. Joseph Hirsch
Director, Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II

Please join us for the Casa Hogar Campus Projects LIVE
Update on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 7:00 pm. 


Passcode: 703279






All completed projects were funded by project specific donations.



WIFI and Internet Project
was completed in December 2021 at the cost of $12,118.49
Upgrading the technology and WIFI for the entire campus was started in November 2021. Before this upgrade, the WIFI would go down frequently making it almost impossible for the children to stay on track with their virtual classes.




Security project was completed in March 2022 at the cost of $15,555.67
In December an upgrade was started for the overall security of Casa Hogar.  This included replacing cameras, adding new cameras, upgrading the Security technology, and installing security alarms from the gate to the grotto. 



Natural Gas Project will be completed in August 2022 at the cost of $17,961.90
In February, lines were run to install natural gas at Casa.  Before, gas was purchased in tanks with costs continually rising.  This upgrade will provide considerable and continuous cost savings for Casa Hogar.  The installation of gas lines and equipment was completed in March 2022.  The last step is for the utility company to turn on service.

Property Line Fence Project was completed in April 2022 at the cost of $33,136.57
In January the need for a security fence on the hill behind the Casa Hogar property, above the Grotto, was realized. This fence was needed as visual acknowledgement of the property line of Casa Hogar. As well as to protect the people and property at Casa Hogar.







Walkway and Entrance Area Project can be completed for $10,580.00
In July 2022 work began to repair the steps, sidewalks and gathering areas around the convent and chapel.  The sidewalk and tiles in these areas had deteriorated and needed to be repaired.  The decision was made to replace the cement and tile with bricks to better withstand the natural elements in Peru.  In-kind donations were received from businesses in Peru in the amount of $12,354.30.

Transformer Station Project can be completed for $9,750.00
In 2021 it was realized that the transformer station would need to be moved for the safety of everyone that lives and visits Casa Hogar.  Transformer is in a location that is dangerous for the entire campus.






Perimeter Wall Project can be completed for $37,020.00
The perimeter wall of the entire Casa Hogar campus needs to be repaired and/or rebuilt in sections.  Regular maintenance has been performed over the years, but it has now deteriorated beyond the point small repairs.  The wall will be done in 84 meter sections. Breaking up the entire perimeter into (4) sections.




Electrical Upgrade Project can be completed for $36,700.00
Electrical updates and repairs for the girl’s apartments, administration building, convent and priest residence.  These are the final four areas to be done and then the entire campus will have had electrical upgrades completed.




Getting started on these projects is exciting,

but we can't do it with out the help of our benefactors.

If you are interested in supporting these projects, or one in particular,

please contact Noel Furger at nfurger@frjoesguild.org.




We Want Your Prayers

Though separated by thousands of miles, we can be spiritually near through prayer.  Submit your prayer requests and intentions and the children will hold them in their prayers during Mass and the two Holy Hours each day, the children are truly prayer warriors.

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Casa Hogar Campus Projects

Major projects completed July 2021 - 2022

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Major projects to be completed July 2022 - June 2023