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St. Stephen

Goal: $46,040

St. Joseph

Goal: $63,405*

*includes $4,900 to build a home in Nicaragua


How to make your donation:

 - Use the pledge card mailed to your home.

- Contact the parish office for assistance.


Be sure to choose the

proper parish to have your gift applied

The Good Works of the Annual Appeal

View the below videos for more details on how your generous contributions help!

The Watermark Mission

With the help of grants from the Office for Ministries and Social Concerns, Gary & Rosey Asher from St. Henry Parish in Eau Galle, through their ministry, unite people from all over the diocese and country to help fix and repair homes after natural disasters, providing hope to those in need.

FOCUS-The Fellowship of Catholic University Students

FOCUS – The Fellowship of Catholic University Students is a Catholic collegiate outreach whose mission is to share the hope and joy of the gospel with college and university students, inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship, and friendships in which they lead others to do the same.  Currently, 4 campuses in Wisconsin are home to FOCUS; the Diocese of La Crosse has one FOCUS mission, located in the Roncalli Newman parish. 

The Bahire Family: A Story of Mercy, Hope, and Gratitude

The Bahire Family escaped from the horrors of civil war and only to find ways to survive the harsh conditions in refugee camps. They mourned the killing of their parents and the deaths and disappearance of other loved ones. They escaped the Congo civil war and spent eleven years in a refugee camp in Uganda before the Church helped them come to Wisconsin. They are forever grateful for God and His Church. Now, they and their children hope to attend college as new homeowners. They can now know peace and have opportunities they never dreamed were possible. 

Appeal Brochure

Click below image to download brochure.

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Prayer Card

Click below image to download prayer card.

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