A ministry of St. Stephen's & St. Joseph's Parishes

All current and future bishops, priests, deacons, religious, employees, and volunteers in the Diocese of La Crosse shall complete the Safe Environment Training annually. Additionally, parents are also encouraged to view this training to assist in teaching their children.

Student Training:

The Diocese of La Crosse provides Safe Environment training from the Catholic perspective to participating individuals in its programs. The substance and focus of Safe Environment Training is as follows:

Kindergarten-Second Grade: Students will learn about their dignity (their incredible worth) as children of God and the respect that each person deserves as a child of God. Students will learn about safety, safe environment and the care that is to surround them, the difference between appropriate, kind actions and behavior that makes them feel safe, secure and loved, and inappropriate, harmful actions and behaviors that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


Grade Three-Five: Students will learn about the virtue of respect, which is based upon the dignity of each human person. Students will learn the importance of saying “no” to inappropriate, harmful actions, behavior and touch that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Children will be encouraged to tell immediately a trusted adult when these situations arise and will learn about the buddy system.


Grades Six-Eight: Students will learn about how each person, including themselves, must be treated with respect. Students will learn about, and seek to develop or further develop, the virtue of prudence-making good decisions. Students will learn practical tips for keeping themselves safe and will discuss defensive and assertive body language to protect themselves.

High School: Students will understand virtue, which are good moral habits, and vice, which are bad moral habits. Students will discuss the virtue of chastity and modesty; learn practical steps for protecting themselves and others from sexual abuse, including the ability to recognize warning signs and how to react to abuse and the possible threat of abuse.

If you wish to decline the training for your child(ren), please contact the office, or complete and return the declination form to the parish office.

Parent Training

All parents of students that will be participating in our Religious Education program or Youth Events are invited to view the Safe Environment program that is required for all volunteers and staff of our parish. If you wish to volunteer during our Religious Education classes, at a retreat, or any other function, you will be required to complete this process. If you choose to participate in this program, we will be notified of your efforts. ​

Staff & Volunteer Training:

All employees and volunteers of St. Stephen or St. Joseph will be provided annual information regarding how to best complete this training.  Each year all required forms will be provided, in addition to how to access online training. This is accessible by clicking the button below:

Please note that your annual training is not complete until the following criteria are met:

      - All required paperwork is returned and processed

      - We receive notification of your online training from the Safe Environment Office of the Diocese of La Crosse. 

If you are having difficulties and need assistance or would like to do your training in-office, please contact Kristi at 715-341-1617 ext. 101.